IELTS Preparation Course

GlenEagles’ Advantages

Assurance of 100% Quality Education

An Institute can only provide quality education if it has years of experience in the field. GlenEagles School for English has the latest and potent resources and infrastructure along with the backing of years of successful training experience to its valued students’ community. We boast of 100% quality education, as we provide all the important environment coupled with state-of-the-art systems, making your IELTS preparation journey a breeze. The institute has an enviable reputation in New Delhi Region for its quality lectures provided to all test-takers in an easy-to-understand and updated curriculum format.

Extensive Strategies to Clear L/R/W/S Sections

All four modules viz. Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking carry equal importance. Gleneagles School for English polishes each module’s strategies and necessary time-management skills carefully and provides all the skimming and scamming strategies to its students so that they are ab;e to clear the exam with a Great Band Score. Cracking an IELTS exam requires massive efforts and smart preparation and we as an institution are reputed to provide a positive environment where all our students can learn and thrive.

Experienced Faculty

We are proud to have stable and highly experienced trainers, who teach and preach to our IELTS Test Preparation students about every single aspect of the examination. The faculty is available all throughout the institute operational timings and can be contacted even after the lecture is completed. You may have one-on-one session with our highly revered faculty members over a cup of coffee or a mocktail in our Faculty Members Area. The Faculty Members work as a team and contribute towards the overall professional and personal growth of the students.

Mock Test Series

For the best IELTS preparation, GlenEagles School provides students with Online & Offline Mock Test Series. It does not only make students familiarize themselves with IELTS Pattern, but it also gives the student an indication of how they will perform on the exam day. Students can sit for extra hours to practice as it should be completed within a specified time, which as a result will improve the time management skills to crack the exam. Mock tests are conducted in a simulated environment with strict Time-Bound Sessions.

Well Stocked Library

The library at GlenEagles School for English is considered as an important Knowledge and Resource Nerve Center. It has been created to serve and support the educational activities of the school and to fulfill the needs of students. Library provides important information, ideas, and knowledge that equips students with learning skills, triggers creative thinking, and enables them to adapt self-learning methods.

Doubt Clearance Sessions

In Gleneagles School for English, we believe in two way learning process. Interaction with the teachers from time to time can help the candidates to gain maximum knowledge on the concepts in which they are facing problems or have any doubts. Special Weekly Doubt Clearance Sessions are held to make even the weakest student become confident and deliver much ahead of the caliber in the IELTS Exam.

Student's Testimonials

My Experience with GlenEagles School For English, Vikaspuri is nothing short of WOW. The strategies explained by our trainers and daily speaking sessions (specially two minutes cue card questions) helped me achieve my dream score of 7.5 Bands and now I am in the process of flying to Canada for my Abroad Journey.

Shivam Bhutani

I always feared Reading and Writing sections of IELTS and I got recommended to GlenEagles School For English, Vikaspuri by one of my friends, who had already taken coaching from here and cleared the Exam. The very First Day, I started gaining confidence that the Institute was providing all necessary tips and concept clearance strategies.

Adhish Dhawan

Do You Fear IELTS? I Did. I thank my faculty at GlenEagles School For English, Vikaspuri for being my pillar of strength all throughout my IELTS Course Preparation.Extensive Mock Test Series and timely Doubt Clearance Sessions helped me achieve an overall Band Score of 7.0 and I can say it with humility and confidence that GlenEagles School For English, Vikaspuri is the best platform for IELTS Test Takers.

Chanmeet Kaur

Admission Procedure

Diagnostic Test – GET (GlenEagles’ English Test)
All aspirants have to take our Diagnostic Test, famously called GET, before becoming a part of our successful IELTS Training sessions. The test is designed to help you and the faculty in understanding your Strengths and weaknesses in English Language. The test is specifically designed to analyse you on following parameters:

Grammar Correctness


Sentence Formation

Creative Aspect

Speaking Proficiency

Duration of GET :
45 Minutes

Result :
Declared the same day

GET Fee :
Rs. 500/- (including GST)

Payment Options :
Cash/ NEFT/ IMPS/ E-Wallet

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is IELTS?
It is International English Language Testing System and an examination that needs to be cleared for higher education or emigration (PR) to English Speaking Countries. It has four modules namely Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

2. How can I know, which IELTS I should take?
If you are going for higher studies, then apply for Academic IELTS and if you are planning for PR, then apply for General Training (GT) IELTS.

3. How can I enrol in GlenEagles School For English, Vikaspuri for my IELTS preparation?
Attend a free counseling session with our expert counseling teams anytime from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am till 8:00 pm and get to know about the procedure through them.

4. How many days course will be provided?
It will be dependent on your current English Levels, which will be measured through our Diagnostic Test called GET (GlenEagles’ English Test). Options of the course duration days are 30 Days, 45 Days, 60 Days and more.

5. What are the course charges?
Kindly visit the fee structure tab by clicking here to know the charges for current academic session